Vanda Ferencz’s unique jewellery pieces stand out by their richness of detail, subtle geometry,of broken planes and the use of extraordinary materials. Vanda’s collections are hand made in limited numbers implementing technology developed by her.

Vanda was born into a family of artists: her father and older brother are architects, and her older sister is a textile artist. Vanda was destined to follow the same path. She was working as a goldsmith, before receiving her degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Metal Design

During her studies Vanda’s interest turned to jewellery design. As part of her finals project she reached out to the fashion brand Use Unused and their collaboration extended into the next two years. It was during this time when Vanda developed her signature style: her first collection was based on wood veneer, but due to Vanda’s experimentations with materials new elements were added to her pieces. The most significant turning point in Vanda’s design process was when she began to use carbon fiber. This material opened a host of exciting new possibilities.

Harnessing the potential of this high-tech material to create smooth curves and soft shapes requires much time and solid expertise. Vanda has learnt the basics from professional car-body builders, who work with carbon fiber before beginning her own experiments. Simultaneously she was involved in collaborative projects with fashion brands Nanushka and Je Suis Belle. Through these collaborations she further refined her expertise and style as a jewellery designer which is emphatically evident in her creations

At the end of 2010, while Vanda was mainly focusing on her own designs, she developed her now iconic metal earrings and continued to experiment with carbon fiber and coloured wax combined with glass fibre. The first fruits of the latter effort was the Modular Carbon collection which Vanda showcased in 2011 at the Hungarian Design Awards, followed by the Crystal Geometry of Metals collection, in which her use of crystal like geometric broken planes emerged.

The next step was the combination of metals and carbon fiber (Crystal Geometry of Carbon & Metals), and the usage of colours (Crystal Geometry of Colours), adding coloured layers as a new design element. As a result a third colour appears on the edge of the earrings, in a way that the front is creamy white, the back is golden, and the edge is a vivid orange.

Vanda’s work is characterized by continuous experimenting, the perfecting of materials and shapes, and thanks to this the jewels go through a constant evolution. She does not keep up with the pace of change of collections like it is usual in the fashion world. Her iconic pieces are constantly available, because her jewels are timeless and remain current also in the long run.

Due to the numerous variations made possible by the combination of shapes, materials and sizes, women of all ages and attitude can find their perfect match.